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Wake up World with a Shofar App Wake up World with a Shofar App - G-dcast Wake up World with a Shofar App - G-dcast Wake up World with a Shofar App - G-dcast Wake up World with a Shofar App - G-dcast

Wake up World with a Shofar App

Recommended for all ages

G‑dcast’s first children’s book is here and it’s going to blow you away: literally!

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Celebrate Rosh Hashana, the Jewish new year, by blowing the shofar to wake up toys, animals and parents in this interactive story full of surprises. Randi Zuckerberg narrates this tale for 2-6 year olds: children will delight in actually blowing into their phones and tablets to sound the shofar! Each blast brings the story to life with colorful animations created by best-selling illustrator Laura Huliska-Beith.

  • Pick a boy or a girl character to star in the story
  • Use the mic on your device to really blow the shofar in the story
  • English and Hebrew versions in the same app
  • Fun for the holidays, or all year round!

In the Jewish tradition, shofars are sounded throughout the High Holiday services to call people to a spiritual reawakening, to re-examine their lives, to let go of yesterday and to bring in the new year. In Wake up World children (and their grown ups!) learn about the spiritual meaning of the shofar by waking up friends with a mic-enabled virtual shofar.


Wake Up World was made possible in part by funds granted by the Covenant Foundation. The statements made and the views expressed, however, are solely the responsibility of the app developers.

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