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Recommended for ages 9+

Sacrificing for your community – it’s nothing new. Parshat Tzav reminds us of this in its discussion of Biblical sacrifice in the Tabernacle and the Temple.

Only, these days we don’t usually sacrifice for our community with cows, rams, bulls and crackers! Join legendary indie publisher Jennifer Joseph for a recipe for how to sacrifice in the most “hardcore holiest of holy” ways.

Parashat Tzav will next be read publicly on March 24th, 2018

Parshat Tzav Gratitude

Each week, a different storyteller – some musical, some poetic, some just straight-up, tell the story of the current weekly Torah portion…and then we animate it! This particular Parashat haShavua (פָּרָשַׁת הַשָּׁבוּעַ or “weekly Torah portion”) video is Episode 25, or Parshat Tzav (צַו “command” Leviticus 6:1–8:6). Jewish interpretation is often very specific. There are a myriad of Jewish subcultures and people, and the interpretations in this series explores the array of thoughts that our diverse set of storytellers and contributors have on Torah. To see more of the videos in this series, please take a look at our collection here on our site.

A very special thank you to each of the writers, narrators, producers, directors, sound engineers, musicians, educational advisors, artists and animators that contributed to this particular animated interpretation of Tzav including Tim Cosgrove, Nick Fox-Gieg, Jennifer Joseph, Sarah Lefton, Matthue Roth, and Colleen Macisaac. Additional thanks to all of our generous funders that contributed to the G‑dcast Parsha haShavua animated series.

Did you know that G-dcast has changed our name to BimBam?

You’ll find a more beautiful experience – plus lots of great new content for families – over at Please re-set your bookmarks…and keep watching!

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