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I’ll Be There For You

Recommended for all ages

The San Francisco Bay Area based organization, Kevah brought six families together to learn Torah.

Since each of the families had varied backgrounds in studying Torah and were diverse in age, the group decided to take a creative approach to learning text together. The eleven kids aged 5 to 15 along with their parents – a speechwriter, studio painter, landscape architect, art photographer, museum curator, singer, programmer, professor, and several entrepreneurs – decided that they wanted to make an animated musical film about sibling relationships in the Torah.

Studio G‑dcast developed several workshops for the families to learn text, write a script, paint characters, draw backgrounds, storyboard animations, and practice singing together. To cap the experience, the families lent their voices to the song at Fantasy Studios, a legendary professional recording studio.




Special thanks to The Gottesman Biddle Family for producing this video, to Jonathan Bayer for composing the original music for “I’ll Be There For You” (and recording it on his marvelous ukulele) and to Kevah for their partnership support.

Additional thanks to each of the writers, narrators, singers, educators, and sound engineers that contributed to this piece including Jonathan Bayer, Geoffrey Biddle, Eloise Biddle-Gottesman, Penina Biddle-Gottesman, Petra Biddle-Gottesman, Jane Gottesman, Tracy Goldberg, Paul Pierson, Seth Goldberg Pierson, Sidra Goldberg Pierson, David Kurapka, Merl Ross Kurapka, Ava Ross Kurpaka, Suzanne Popkin, Igor Gaskin, Dmitri Gaskin, Ezra Gaskin, Nadia Gaskin, Irene Kim, Rich Gampell, Tyrus Gampell, Anna Goldstein, Joe Lamb, Carson Lamb, JJ Wiesler, Alberto Hernandez, Noa Silver, Rachel Levinson, Catherine MacNeal, Sarah Lefton, Jeremy Shuback and Jeanne Stern.

Behind the Scenes

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