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Where community comes together to animate Jewish stories


Since our debut in 2008, hundreds of you have asked: “How can I help make a G‑dcast?” or “What if my students could help make a G‑dcast?”

We listened! In 2012, we premiered STUDIO G-DCAST, a program that brings cohorts together to collaborate on short animated films. So far we have hosted Studio Berkeley, Studio Ramah, Studio Adas Israel and, thanks to a generous grant from The Covenant Foundation, Studio G‑dcast: The Contemporary Jewish Museum, which offered 24 university students the chance to work in chevruta to transform classic Talmud stories into eleven animated shorts and one app.

We’re looking forward to the continued expansion of Studio G‑dcast and excited to turn more G‑dcast fans into filmmakers and app developers. Who knows, maybe the next film we make will be with YOU!


The development of Studio G‑dcast was made possible in part by funds granted by the Covenant Foundation. The statements made and the views expressed in the individual projects, however, are solely the responsibility of the artists.

Studio G‑dcast Apps and Videos
  • What Really Happened on Noah’s Ark

    An animated short about Noah's Ark was produced by campers in a three-day Jewish workshop at Camp Ramah.

  • An Encyclopaedia of Mythical Creatures in Judaism

    This animated short film was produced as part of a three-day animation workshop with special needs campers at Camp Ramah in New England.

  • Let’s Bake Challah!

    Knead, bake, decorate and learn to bless challah!

  • Jewish Mindfulness in Action

    This animated short video looks at mindfulness and how it relates to living life with Jewish values always in front you.

  • ArkEscape

    A card matching app made by kids and their parents in a one day workshop in Washington, DC

  • Lo Bashamayim Hi

    The Talmud’s famous Oven of Akhnai story, brought to life in music and gorgeous visuals.

  • Discover Talmud with Crowns

    A haunting film that tells the classic Talmud tale of Moses and Akiva via traditional Jewish paper cut art.

  • Lonely at the Top: A Bromance

    The timeless Tamludic tale of unlikely friendship between Reish Lakish and Rabbi Yochana told in very a timely hip hop style.

  • The Fantastical Tale of Shimon Bar Yochai in The Cave

    This Talmudic tale asks, "What’s the harm in a little smack talk?"

  • Talmud Tales: The Rise of Yavneh

    The Talmudic dos and don’ts of party etiquette.

  • Clash of The Scholars

    Is evening prayer optional? …or obligatory?

  • Elisha and Acher’s (Not So) Excellent Adventure

    Student Elisha ben Abuya throws away his good guy persona in favor of a more rebellious reputation, with a new name, Acher.

  • Two Wicks in One Flame

    A down-on-his-luck carpenter asks his apprentice for a loan. The apprentice agrees, but only if the carpenter's wife comes to collect the money.

  • The Emperor’s Secret

    Emperor Antoninus, Rabbi Judah the Prince, and the unlikely relationship that carries them from young leaders to elderly BFFs.

  • Fringe Benefits

    Menachot 44a is a story that’s got it all—riches, romance, and samurai rabbis.

  • Waiting for Ewe

    Rabbi Akiva transforms from shepherd to rabbi, but how instrumental was his wife Rachel to this major shift?

  • Radical Rabbis: The Adventures of Hillel & Shammai

    What happens when two rabbinical houses clash on opinions? Radical Rabbis!

  • I’ll Be There For You

    A song about sibling relationships

  • The Mystery of the Forbidden Fruit

    What happens when 12 Ramahniks take over producing a G-dcast short in one summer in Wisconsin?

  • Bechukotai with Yavneh Day School

    This animated short was created by the 5th grade students of Yavneh Day School.

  • Pairs Well: A Joyful Jewish History of Meat and Wine

    A Joyful Jewish History of Meat and Wine

  • Lox vs. Pastrami: Monsters of Jewish Deli

    A wild Talmud story about Leviathans and Behemoths...set in a deli

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