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Where community comes together to animate Jewish stories


Since our debut in 2008, hundreds of you have asked: “How can I help make a G‑dcast?” or “What if my students could help make a G‑dcast?”

We listened! In 2012, we premiered STUDIO G-DCAST, a program that brings cohorts together to collaborate on short animated films. So far we have hosted Studio Berkeley, Studio Ramah, Studio Adas Israel and, thanks to a generous grant from The Covenant Foundation, Studio G‑dcast: The Contemporary Jewish Museum, which offered 24 university students the chance to work in chevruta to transform classic Talmud stories into eleven animated shorts and one app.

We’re looking forward to the continued expansion of Studio G‑dcast and excited to turn more G‑dcast fans into filmmakers and app developers. Who knows, maybe the next film we make will be with YOU!

Contact | Tel: (415)935-4565 to learn more about making a film with us.


The development of Studio G‑dcast was made possible in part by funds granted by the Covenant Foundation. The statements made and the views expressed in the individual projects, however, are solely the responsibility of the artists.

Studio G‑dcast Apps and Videos
  • Learn the Hamotzi Blessing with a Jewish Karaoke Video

    Learn the Jewish prayer said before eating bread transliterated with English.

  • Learn the Dayenu Lyrics with G-dcast’s Karaoke Jewish Songs Project

    Learn the Jewish song called Dayenu (דַּיֵּנוּ "It Would Have Been Enough") sung during Passover with 2nd Grade and "Yad b'Yad" Students from Temple Isaiah.

  • David Melech Yisrael: A Jewish Kids Sing-Along

    Learn the Jewish song called David Melech Yisrael (דוד מלך ישראל‎ "David is the King of Israel") .

  • Shalom Chaverim: A Jewish Kids Sing-Along

    Learn the Jewish song called Shalom Chaverim (שלום חברים‎, "Hello (Peace and/or Goodbye) Friends").

  • Hinei Ma Tov: A Jewish Karaoke Video

    Learn the song Hinei Ma Tov (הִנֵּה מַה טוֹב "Behold how good").

  • Learn the Shehecheyanu: A Jewish Kids Sing-Along

    Learn the Jewish prayer with kids called the Shehecheyanu.

  • L’shanah haba’ah b’Yerushalayim: A Jewish Kids Sing-Along

    Learn the Passover song L'shanah haba'ah b'Yerushalayim! (לשנה הבאה בירושלים‎, "Next Year in Jerusalem") with kids singing from Edah Community in Berkeley.

  • An Encyclopaedia of Mythical Creatures in Judaism

    This animated short film was produced as part of a three-day animation workshop with special needs campers at Camp Ramah in New England.

  • Jewish Mindfulness in Action

    This animated short video looks at mindfulness and how it relates to living life with Jewish values always in front you.

  • Jewish Memory Game, ArkEscape!

    A card matching app made by kids and their parents in a one day workshop in Washington, DC

  • Radical Rabbis: The Adventures of Hillel & Shammai

    What happens when two rabbinical houses clash on opinions? Radical Rabbis!

  • I’ll Be There For You

    A song about sibling relationships

  • The Mystery of the Forbidden Fruit

    What happens when 12 Ramahniks take over producing a G-dcast short in one summer in Wisconsin?

  • Bechukotai: Yavneh Day School Student Production

    This animated short was created by the 5th grade students of Yavneh Day School.

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