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Our digital curricular resources are here to help you bring innovative Jewish educational experiences to your students and help them learn torah be they in day schools, supplemental schools, or at home. Each eCurriculum includes a summary of the biblical material covered in the corresponding episode, a series of comprehension and discussion questions, and a variety of experiential learning activities and worksheets ideal for middle school and high school learners.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for here? Don’t fear! These are just a few of our lesson plans, each of the individual curriculum guides are featured on the pages for the videos they cover.

Every Parsha lesson guide in a 112 page PDF.

We worked with Emily Shapiro Katz, an accomplished Jewish educator who has worked with multiple student audiences both in the US and Israel, as well as directed institutes for Jewish learning, to create rich guides for each episode of the G-dcast Torah series. Each chapter includes detailed learning objectives, a summary of the source text, comprehension and discussion questions, and active learning ideas! Whether you're planning a year of classes or some solo Torah study, this is for you!

A five page curriculum that will help educators use our Ruth video to make the Book of Ruth relevant to students, to lead them in the creation of an original artwork based on the text and to construct meaning from the book with students in their everyday lives.

Author: Evan Wolkstein

This 7-page curriculum focusing on the Haggadah's famous Four Sons includes activities excellent for both the classroom and the seder table. The lesson features an expanded menu of discussion questions perfect for table conversation, and an in-depth examination of each Son's unique personality.
BONUS! Download this lesson and learn the answers to the G-dcast Global Seder Quiz!

Author: Evan Wolkstein

This 4-page curriculum, based on the episode by our screenwriter Matthue Roth, includes comprehension and discussion questions, an activity about resisting oppression, another explaining how to make your own Chanukah music video, a third compare/contrast exercise with G-dcast Spins Chanukah to another Chanukah film- Lights: The Miracle of Chanukah. This lesson also comes with a detailed essay prompt to be completed at home.

Author: Evan Wolkstein

This 4-page lesson focuses on the stories of Honi the Circle Maker found in the Mishna (Taanit 3:8) and the Talmud (Ta’anit 23a). The lesson includes comprehension and discussion questions, as well as active learning activities about creating rituals, the fruits of Tu B'Shvat, and the red and white wine mix
of this festival's seder.

Author: Evan Wolkstein

This 3-page lesson plan is based on Josh Nelson's rock song about The Book of Jonah. It includes comprehension and discussion questions, two theatrical hands-on activities, and a reflective group activity to close the class.

Author: Evan Wolkstein

Focusing on Hadara Levin-Areddy's song about the Book of Kohelet, this 3-page lesson includes comprehension and discussion questions, a role-play activity, a creative writing exercise about metaphor, and an experiential learning activity about kavanah.

Author: Evan Wolkenstein

This 8-page lesson focuses on Naomi Less's unforgettable song about the Ten Commandments as a way to teach about Shavuot. It features questions about comprehension and media literacy, three discussion prompts, a creative writing exercise, a chevruta (pair study) activity, and a Shavuot/Ten Commandments FAQ.

Author: Evan Wolkstein

Focusing on Prodezra Beats' musical rendition of Akedah (the binding of Isaac), this 4-page curriculum includes comprehension and discussion questions, hands-on activities for a range of age groups, and an inner monologue/dialogue writing exercise between Abraham and Isaac.

This course guide is based on episodes produced by  independent artists for Studio G-dcast. Each part of the course guide is designed to introduce students, ages 15 and older, to a story from the Talmud and encourages students to reflect on the relationship between the Talmud story and the artists’ retelling of that story in film.

An in-depth lesson plan corresponding to our four Book of Judges films.

A bargain holiday bundle that includes our Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, and eScapegoat lesson guides! Don't have a mini goat? No problem! This curriculum is designed for either the mini goat or the public goat!

Want a few more Mini Goat stickers? Need extra posters? Want another tote bag? We're here for you!

Price includes shipping anywhere in the US!

By popular demand we have compiled our entire 55 episode Torah animation series onto one handy dandy DVD!

These bite-sized films are full of humor, music and art that make it easy to start a conversation with your kids, your friends and your holiday guests about why and how we celebrate.

We've bundled the DVD right into the book itself in a handy sleeve. Each chapter in this 68 page softcover book includes:

  • A synopsis of the featured Holiday text (eg, Kohelet)
  • Comprehension questions
  • Discussion topics - provocative questions to get students thinking about how the text applies to modern life
  • Active Learning Ideas - a diverse mix of chevruta text study, arts & crafts projects, journaling, public speaking and informal education activities that are adaptable for a wide range of ages




Can’t find what you’re looking for here? Don’t fear!

These are our major items, but the individual curriculum guides are featured on the pages for the videos they cover. Just look for the orange store buttons around the site! And if you’re still having trouble, simply send us an email.

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