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Shticker: The Jewish Photo Sticker App

Shticker: The Jewish Photo Sticker App

Recommended for all ages

Glam up your Jewish life with Shticker, The Jewish Photo Sticker App!

Take a photo with your camera or grab one from your gallery then glam it up by using this free Jewish photo sticker app (“Shticker”) and adding fun images like silly masks, colorful kippot, Jewish foods, Judaica, and more. Go have fun with it – Get creative!

Shticker, The Jewish Photo Sticker App includes everyday Jewish stickers plus shtickers for: Purim, Passover, Rosh Hashanah, and Yom Ha’atzmaut. You can even enjoy a few random shtickers from the Jewish Deli (pickles and pastrami sandwiches) as well as a Golden Calf shticker!

Free Download of Shticker: The Jewish Photo Sticker App on the iOS Store

Want to Personalize Shticker?

Have an idea for how your group or organization could use Shticker? Let us know! We want to learn how to help you personalize and glam up your Jewish life with this photo sticker app!

Gratitude for Shticker: The Jewish Photo Sticker App

A very special thank you to each of the writers, producers, program advisors, artists, engineers and animators that contributed to this particular Jewish Photo Sticker App including Russel Neiss, Emily Savage, Barbara Barza, Rachel Levinson, Jeanne Stern, Sarah Lefton, and Matthue Roth.

Shticker: The Jewish Photo Sticker App was made possible in part by funds granted by The Covenant Foundation. The interpretations of Jewish life presented in this Photo Sticker App reflects the personal experiences of our G‑dcast contributors.


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