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Shavuot is a Jewish festival that begins at sunset on Saturday, June 11 and ends (outside of Israel) after dark on Monday, June 13, 2016. If you are looking for a way to engage with kids during Shavuot or want to teach a friendly grownup about the holiday: G‑dcast has you covered.

Shavuot Music Video on The Book of Ruth

The Book of Ruth (in Hebrew מגילת רות‎, meaning the Scroll of Ruth) is traditionally read by Jews on Shavuot. Singer-songwriter Alicia Jo Rabins took the story and turned it into a delicate song.

You can download accompanying lyrics, source sheets and lesson plans here.

Shavuot Kids’ Sing Along on the Ten Commandments

The 10 Commandments (in Hebrew עשרת הדברים, meaning the ten sayings) are brought to life for Shavuot. Singer-songwriter Naomi Less designed this rocking, fun kids sing-along to help teach about each of the Ten Commandments.

You can download accompanying lyrics, source sheets and lesson plans here.


Shavuot Gratitude

Thank you to all of our generous funders that contributed to the animated apps, videos and lessons plans for the Jewish Holidays. A very special thank you to each of the writers, narrators, producers, directors, sound engineers, musicians, educational advisors, artists and animators that contributed to G‑dcast Shavuot (in Hebrew שבועות‎ means “weeks”) offerings including Alicia Jo Rabins, Rachel Levinson, Eurico da Costa Ng, Sarah Lefton, Jeremy Shuback, Barbara Barza, Rachel Levinson, Russel Neiss, Layne Novak, Emily Savage, Matthue Roth, Ruth Osterweis Selig, Naomi Less, Glenn Grossman, Jeanne Stern, Matthue Roth, and M. Evan Wolkenstein.

Did you know that G-dcast has changed our name to BimBam?

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