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Say hello to BimBam!



BimBam Watch Something JewishA pretty groovy Jewish tradition states that God’s works are drawn down into this world through our names.

After 10 years of love and learning under this name, we are joyfully reintroducing ourselves as….BimBam.

Why BimBam?

The name reflects the joy of learning that we cherish, and will hopefully draw that joy through the screen into your home. Of course, it’s also the name of the first Jewish song that many English-speaking Jewish children learn—so it’s resonant with our growing focus on entry-level materials for kids, families, and adults. Finally, the word itself – BimBam –  no matter how you pronounce it, is fun to say. (For the record, we’re saying BimBAWM, like com, palm or mom.)

Why a change at all?

As you may have heard from us over the years, the name G‑dcast has been frequently problematic. It is difficult to spell, difficult to find on Youtube, and problematic for some who are uncomfortable with the word “G-d,” or “God.”

How did you decide?

We knew a year ago that we would need to spin off a new website for our kids and family material – it just wouldn’t make sense to place an animated preschool series (that’s right, we’re launching one on April 6!) next to serious adult-oriented materials about Torah, Talmud and so forth. There would be confusion about our brand and product. So we began a process to explore changing our name.

This included close collaboration between our extended team and a branding consultant engaged with the help of our local Federation, and culminated with the identity design you see above, and our new website.

What about your adult programs?

We will continue to support G‑ right here where it is for now. We will evaluate this dual website strategy over time and are open to changes.

Thanks for being part of the journey!

Did you know that G-dcast has changed our name to BimBam?

You’ll find a more beautiful experience – plus lots of great new content for families – over at Please re-set your bookmarks…and keep watching!

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