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Samson: The Final Judge

Recommended for ages 12+

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The strapping, powerful one, the judge with the luxurious locks of hair — it’s Samson time! His strength, wrapped up in long, flowing hair, was given to him by God to save the Israelites.

But Samson was no faultless hero — rather, he was prone to chasing women and taking advantage of his legendary strength to win bets and slay armies. His reign of violence put an end to the Judges, causing only momentary peace followed by yet another takeover.

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Thank you to all of the Animators, Distributors, Sound Engineers, Directors, Educators, Producers, Score Managers, Distributors and Voice Actors including Trevor Allen, Barbara Barza, Ben Bromfield, Scott Hennelly, Nan Hu, Rob Jackson, Jonathan Jehng, Trevor Jones, Sarah Lefton, Rachel Levinson, Rolland Lopez, Dylan Moore, Nadav Nachmany, Russel Neiss, Layne Novak, Paige Quinton, Tamar Rabinowitz, Matthue Roth, Emily Savage, Sasha Schotzko-Harris, Dror Shpatz, Jeremy Shuback, Ratana Therakulsathit, Evan Wolkenstein and Thom Zelenka.

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