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An Encyclopaedia of Mythical Creatures in Judaism

Recommended for ages 9+

This animated short film was produced at Camp Ramah in New England by our 2014 Animation Kishroniyah participants in Magshimim & Bogrim. This program was the result of campers working with a visiting animation specialist from Studio G‑dcast brought to Ramah through the generous support of the Covenant Foundation.


Gratitude for Studio G‑dcast at Camp Ramah

Particular thanks to the animators, teachers, producers, campers and directors including: Harlene Appelman, Barbara Barza, Josh Bermel, Howard Blas, Joni Blinderman, Ariana Capanna, Alena Golden, Glenn Grossman, Annalise Jacobson, Alon Jacobson, Jaimim Kammerman-Fletcher, Samuel Kluger, Sarah Lefton, Rabbi Andrew Pepperstone, Annah Podos, Ariella Rosen, Ezra Schwartz, Lisa Beth Schneider, Rami Schwartzer and Jeanne Stern.

The development of Studio G‑dcast was made possible in part by funds granted by The Covenant Foundation.

The development of Studio G‑dcast was made possible in part by funds granted by the Covenant Foundation. The statements made and the views expressed in the individual projects, however, are solely the responsibility of the artists.

Did you know that G-dcast has changed our name to BimBam?

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