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Enjoy SF’s most delicious meats and wines while creating a film by unpacking this quote.


“There is no joy without meat and wine.”

The Babylonian Talmud

Pastrami & Pinot

Enjoy some of San Francisco’s tastiest meals and wines while working with 11 other twenty-something Jews to create a short film. The animated short will be based off the conversations that take place over three Monday night sessions. A $40 fee goes towards three meals and a wine tasting.

If you’re hungry for community, thirsty to explore your Jewish roots, and ready to nourish your creative side, Pastrami & Pinot is serving up something delicious! Apply Now.


2.24.2014 – Noir Lounge

Drink & Discussion: Learn about wine, food, and Jewish texts.


3.3.2014 – Wise Sons Deli

Eat & Art: Edit the script and create art that will appear in the film


3.10.2014 – Faultline Studios

Record & Play: Learn how to perform voiceover and produce the audio for the group film. 





More on last year’s program, Studio Pastrami 2013:

We gathered at three must-try San Francisco eateries and a recording studio to eat, drink, and crack open classic Jewish texts about food. We did food learning with Gabi Moskowitz, of BrokeAss Gourmet, text study with Evan Wolkenstein of JCHS of the Bay and animation with the G‑dcast team. Together, we conceptualized the look, feel, and sound of a film that launched on G‑ Lox Vs. Pastrami!












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