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Double Parshiot

On 21, Apr 2015 | In Parshat | By

Double Parshiot? This week G‑dcast presents not just one Parsha animated short but a double parsha! Meaning we have two animated video shorts to share with you!

Why Double Parshiot?

We have lots of Jewish holidays to celebrate and sometimes we don’t read a Torah Portion on Shabbat during that holiday. Take a look at our favorite spot online to see how the Jewish Holidays are integrated with the specific Parshat haShavua (פָּרָשַׁת הַשָּׁבוּעַ or “weekly Torah portion”).

So what are the Parshiyot this week?

I am so glad that you asked! Here you go:

  • Episode 27 narrated by Jennifer Traig is from Parshat Tazria (תַזְרִיעַ “she conceives” Leviticus 12:1–13:59) – watch it here
  • Episode 28 narrated by Rabbi Steven Greenberg is from Parshat Metzora (מְּצֹרָע “one being diseased” Leviticus 14:1–15:33) – watch it here

By the way, you can now follow our G‑dcast blog with the Bloglovin platform.

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