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Jewish Proverbs: Commentaries in Clay by Educators

Recommended for all ages

Jewish proverbs are often metaphorical. They can be short expressions of popular wisdom. They can also offer statements about how to conduct one’s life wisely. Some Jewish proverbs specifically come from the actual Book of Proverbs (in Hebrew the word is Mishlei משלי) in Writings (in Hebrew the word is Ketuvim כְּתוּבִים in Hebrew) within the Hebrew Bible (in Hebrew the word is Tanakh תַּנַ”ךְ). The Jewish Proverbs in this short film were created by Jewish educators learning a new way to understand and interpret text.


Over the course of two sessions, 80 participants studied in chevruta, learned the basics of stop-motion technology, got their hands dirty as they molded clay, and ultimately created a set of original and delightful animated videos, using a list of Jewish proverbs complied by Alicia Jo Rabins, as their prompts.


Each of the claymation pieces were filmed with free apps on smartphones. After the workshop we combined the individual films into one 4 minute example to show how G‑dcast can help make Jewish text learning fun, meaningful and memorable.


Are you interested in hosting an animation workshop at your school, camp or conference? Contact us and we can help make it happen. Call Lisa at (415) 935-4565 or




A very special thank you to each of the Jewish educators that contributed, helped organize and participate in this Claymation workshop including Sam Abramovich, Jon Adam Ross, Robyn Awend, Sam Ball, Dean Bell, Jordan Bendat-Appell, Ilana Benson, Maya Bernstein, Michael Bitton, Peter Blair, Natanya Blanck, Gelena Blishteyn, Eliav Bock, Daniel Brenner, Risa Alyson Cooper, Shellie Dickstein, Ellen Dietrick, Rena Dorph, Galit Ezekiel, Joshua Fenton, Dan Fink, Orna Gerling, Talya Gillman, Gaye Gilman, Jen Glaser, Gabe Goldstein, Lizzi Heydemann, Jody Hirsh, Rina Hoffman, Yechiel Hoffman, Mark Horowitz, Beth Huppin, Marlyn Bloch Jaffe, Gitta Jaroslawiz-Neufeld, Barry Joseph, Elaine Kellerman, Stuart Kelman, Barry Kislowicz, Samuel Klein, Marc Kramer, Jill Maidhof, Todd Markley, Anna Marx, Oren J. Masssey, David Meyer, Deborah Meyer, Michael Oshman, Adrianne Pasternak, Zach Pekarsky, Haggai Resnikoff, Glenn Rosenkrantz, Yonatan Rosner, Bob Sherman, Violetta Shmuelenzon, Dan Singer, Yigal Sklarin, Nina Spiro, Sawyer Steele, Andrea Steinberger, Yael Steiner, Eitan Tako, Marc Tasman, Miriam Turk, David Waksberg, Phil Warmflash, Naomi Korb Weiss, and David Zinner.


This program workshop was designed by Lisa Finkelstein, Sarah Lefton, Russel Neiss, Alicia Jo Rabins, Jeremy Shuback and made possible by The Covenant Foundation. The music “Erik Satie: Gymnopedie No 2” by Kevin MacLeod was provided via under a CC BY License.


Made possible by funds granted by The Covenant Foundation

The development of these shorts of Jewish Proverbs were made possible by the The Covenant Foundation. The statements made and the views expressed in the individual projects, however, are solely the responsibility of the artists.


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