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Jewish Birth, Babies, Children and Parenting

Judaism provides structure, ritual and community practices that can make childbirth, adoption and parenting incredibly rich and rewarding. These animated videos share the basics about Jewish birth, baby name selection, adoption, brit milah and simchat bat rituals, the powerful Gomel blessing that new mothers can say and how to bless your children.

Some expectant parents spend literally years picking out baby names and others figure it out in an instant when they see their new child for the first time. Judaism has a lot to say about names and choosing the right one. Watch the videos here or on our YouTube Channel!


There’s a lot of emphasis in Judaism on stopping to recognize special moments. Some do this in the form of a prayer or a blessing for the first time they are doing something new. Take a moment to learn this prayer, so the next time you find yourself in a first, you’ll know what to say.


Saying the Jewish blessing over children is a sweet and special custom on Friday nights before Shabbat dinner. Here’s how to do it.


Questions can arise about what makes someone Jewish when families blend together or grow through surrogacy or adoption. However you find yourself becoming a parent and raising a child you might get a few questions about what makes a Jewish child Jewish. We have answered a few common questions to help make your parenting path easier for you.


The Brit Milah (or ‘bris’) is a sign of a baby boy’s covenant with G‑d. Watch the video here or on our Youtube channel to learn about finding a mohel, what a Brit Milah is all about, and some popular modern spins on this ancient tradition.


While there are no specific ancient traditional rituals for welcoming a baby girl into the community, many families have found ways to fill that void. Watch the video here or on our Youtube Channel to learn about some of the new traditions involved in a Brit Bat.


Having kids is sometimes hard. Giving birth to a baby is really hard. Judaism has a neat ritual to mark getting through the experience. Watch this video here or on our Youtube Channel to learn the Gomel, a prayer new mothers can say to mark the end of a great accomplishment.


Understand the answers to the top questions people have from what should you wear, to when you should arrive to what to expect at the service and of course what kind of gift people generally give.


A Baby Ritual for Surrogacy
Watch here on the site or on our Youtube Channel!

Singing “Hello” to a New Baby
Watch here on the site or on our Youtube Channel!

Naming a Son on his First Birthday
Watch here on the site or on our Youtube Channel!

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