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Jewish learning is moving online. With your support, G-dcast can make it happen.

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$500 Pays for a recording session
$1,000 Supports the writing of a script
$3,000 Funds the development of a new app
$10,000 Sponsors the creation of a new Torah short
$500,000 Guarantees G‑dcast’s programming for a year


New gifts of any size will be matched by an anonymous foundation!

All payments made on the G‑dcast website are secured through our payment processor Stripe.

Become a Producer

Support the creation of an entirely new parsha video! G‑dcast will work with you to choose the subject of a video for a donation. Learn more here!

High Five Club!

Donate $500 or more and join our High Five Club – we’ll thank you on our website, and in the credits of a G‑dcast Parshah video!

We Take Checks

We gratefully accept donations via regular mail. Checks made payable to G‑dcast can be sent to 131 Steuart St. #205 San Francisco, CA 94105

Match your gift!

Many companies match their employees charitable gifts! Contact for details on how to take advantage of this method of giving.

G‑dcast is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit multimedia production company providing accessible entrances to Judaism. Our goal is to give every Jewish child and adult the chance to learn the basics with zero barriers to entry. Your contribution may be tax deductible as a charitable contribution.

Did you know that G-dcast has changed our name to BimBam?

You’ll find a more beautiful experience – plus lots of great new content for families – over at Please re-set your bookmarks…and keep watching!

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