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Contributing Jewish Leaders to G-dcast

These Jewish leaders are the narrators, writers, animators, engineers, and thought-leaders contributing to the G‑dcast collection of work. These Jewish leaders are female and male, lesbian and transgender, thriving with disabilities, Jewish-by-choice, Orthodox and Reform, Unaffiliated and Transdenominational, White, Black, Latina and Multiracial. They are single, married, young and old, Rabbis, Maggids, Cantors and High School Teachers. They represent every movement of Judaism, including the secular one. They are right and left wing, unknown, famous and infamous. They live in California, New York, Texas, Brazil, Illinois, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, London, Melbourne and the middle of nowhere.

Get to know these Jewish leaders through their work here on the site or on our Youtube Channel. Let us know if you have something to contribute

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