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Learning about Conflict Resolution from Hillel and Shammai

Recommended for ages 9+

Here is a different way to look at conflict resolution. 2000 years ago, Beit Hillel and Beit Shammai knew how to engage in “Machloket L’shem Shemayim”, meaning “Disagreements for the Sake of Heaven” or constructive conflicts.

Today, we can learn from their example in order to manage our own personal or communal disagreements in a healthy and constructive way. You can watch the video and take action today by joining 9Adar Project: Jewish Week of Constructive Conflict, a project of the Pardes Center for Judaism and Conflict Resolution.

Please visit the Pardes site to download a free lesson plan geared for grades 5-9.


Conflict Resolution Gratitude

Many thanks to the Animators, Directors, Educators, Funders, Musicians, Producers, Distributors, Writers and Narrators of the animated short about conflict resolution, including – Barbara Barza, Elisheva Blum, Lisa Finkelstein, Ronald Guttman, Sarah Lefton, Kevin MacLeod, Rabbi Dr. Daniel Roth, Matthue Roth, Jeremy Shuback, Jeanne Stern and Oren Stevens.

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