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Yuri Lane was born in Holland and raised in the Haight-Ashbury. A classically trained actor, Yuri learned the art of human beatbox in his neighborhood. He stars in live beatbox plays in which every character has his/her own soundtrack and rhythm.

He has performed the plays Soundtrack City and The Making of a Human Beatbox in Chicago, New York and San Francisco. With his partner the multimedia artist Sharif Ezzat and his wife Rachel Havrelock, Yuri created "the coolly extraordinary" From Tel Aviv to Ramallah, a hip-hop play that tackles the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. He toured internationally with the play From Tel Aviv to Ramallah to much critical acclaim.

After relocating to Chicago, Yuri got the blues and began combining beatbox and harmonica. This fusion led to his beatbox harmonica video that ran as the number one rated video on YouTube and led him to play Google parties and shoot international commercials before the global economy crashed. Yuri remains a YouTube presence; a beatbox harmonica video featuring the sounds of Chicago dropped in fall of 2009. Yuri’s debut beatbox album, Yuri Lane: Human Beatbox, features his signature theatrical style.

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