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Sarah Lefton


Sarah Lefton is the founder and Director of G-dcast.
She began working in interactive media in the last millenium, at NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP). She went on to produce projects for The New York Times on the Web, the Village Voice, Princess Cruises and several children's toy brands. Her social media "Save Jericho" project for garnered national news attention.
Taking an abrupt turn for the less corporate, Sarah joined Northern California's independent Jewish summer camp, Camp Tawonga, as their Marketing Director for four years, learning about Jewish outreach and wilderness. Inspired by its Yosemite location, she designed the infamous YO SEMITE tee shirt, and launched her first Jewish entrepreneurial project: Jewish Fashion Conspiracy. Sarah is a past President of San Francisco's pluralist Mission Minyan, and board member of the San Francisco JCC.
Sarah is a recipient of the 2012 Pomegranate Prize for exceptional young Jewish educators. She was named one of the Forward 50 most influential Jews of 2009, and is a recipient of the Joshua Venture Group fellowship for Jewish social entrepreneurs.
She lives with Bill, Levi, Yali and Pants on the fringe of the Diaspora, in Oakland.

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