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Rav Raz Hartman and Leah Hartman live in Jerusalem’s Nachlaot neighborhood with their seven children. Rav Raz is a Jerusalem native. Leah is originally from Chicago. They both spent many years in the U.S. yearning to be in Israel.

Leah Hartman's main gig is mothering, and on the side she learns Torah, is nurturing a small gourmet pareve ice cream business, and loves to write. Raz Hartman leads the "V’ani Tefillah" minyan in Nachlaot and teaches Torah at Yeshivat Bat Ayin, Nishmat, and Shuva, among other places. He is a musician who yearns to combine his music and love of teaching to touch the souls of all who hear.

Hear Rav Raz Hartman's latest album at:

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