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Leah Jones created Itza Mitzvah in Chicago as a way for liberal Jews to have serious mitzvah study. Once a month, she gets together with her rabbi and friends to tackle a different mitzvot. With support from the Schusterman Foundation's ROI120 program, Leah is trying to build a curriculum for the program. She also writes the blog Accidentally Jewish, where she blogged the entire experience of converting to Judaism in her late 20s. Her blog serves as a resource for others considering conversion or wondering what the first trip to mikvah is like. In her 9-5 life, Leah just founded her own company, Natiiv Arts & Media, where she coaches artists, musicians and writers in using social media to do their own marketing. She also has a tech start-up called and is looking for people who want to use the system to order wine via text message for home delivery. With a degree in Chemistry, she is doing nothing her college advisors expected her to and thinks that is one of the best lessons she's learned.

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