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Jacqueline Nicholls is a London-based fine artist who uses art to explore and challenge traditional Jewish ideas in untraditional ways, bringing together the art studio and the beit midrash (traditional Jewish place of study and learning).

She has used many different media and craft techniques - drawings, print, embroidery, tailoring, paper-cutting, knitting - to express the concepts. She initially trained as an architect, and then went on to study to be a medical illustrator - learning anatomy and precise observational drawing along the way. But she got distracted by fine art, and its potential to develop and express ideas through meticulous making.

In her current project, Draw Yomi, she is drawing the entire Talmud. Jacqueline also teaches in adult Jewish education, at the London School of Jewish Studies, co-ordinates the Art Studio at JW3, and is a regular contributor to BBC Radio 2's Pause For Thought.

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