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Esther D. Kustanowitz


Esther D. Kustanowitz (@estherk) is a writer, editor and consultant usually based in Los Angeles, occasionally in New York or Jerusalem and always on the internet.

She is the founding Editorial Director of, a lifestyle site founded by actor/neuroscientist/mom Mayim Bialik in August 2015. Esther has written for Modern Loss, Haaretz, JTA,The Jewish Week, The Forward and eJewishPhilanthropy, and is a contributing writer at The Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles.

She has been blogging at since 2004, and advises individuals and nonprofit organizations on the culture and effective use of social media. Esther is also writing a book, Nothing Helps (But This Might Help): Loss and What Comes After, a collection of observations and wisdom about life after loss​; and she also dabbles in comedic writing, periodically enrolling in comedy writing or improvisation classes​. You can read more of Esther's work at

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