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We create apps for kids and adults. Please browse our collection below.

  • Let’s Bake Challah!

    Knead, bake, decorate and learn to bless challah!

  • Wake up World!

    A story that turns your smartphone into a shofar you can really blow!

  • Jewish Baby Name App

    Find English, Hebrew, and Yiddish Names for Your Jewish Baby Boy or Girl with a free App.

  • Let’s Get Ready for Passover!

    Hunt for chametz in our Passover game!

  • Q: An interactive fiction game based on Ecclesiastes

    An interactive visual novel made inspired by the biblical book of Qohelet

  • Exodus

    A Jewish photo scavenger hunt app for Passover

  • Leviticus!

    Play the role of a priest working to keep God happy by sacrificing sheep, goats, and bulls with slicing precision.

  • The Five eBooks of Moses

    A delightful resource for anyone who wants to learn more about the Hebrew Bible

  • The Shticker App

    Glam up photos by adding fun images like Purim masks, kippot, Jewish foods, Judaica, and more.

  • ArkEscape

    A card matching app made by kids and their parents in a one day workshop in Washington, DC

  • Clink!

    Download Clink!, an app from Jewish Communal Fund and G-dcast, to discover your true giving personality.

  • eScapegoat

    During the month of Elul, a web app to help you atone. Like in Bible Times, only nerdier.

  • Radical Rabbis: The Adventures of Hillel & Shammai

    and What happens when two rabbinical houses clash on opinions? Radical Rabbis!

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