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G‑dcast is a new media production company.

Our goal is to give every Jewish child and adult the chance to learn the basics with zero barriers to entry. No matter where you live or what you know, we have meaningful, intelligent and fun Jewish learning for you.

kid“My daughter loves blowing into the mic and pretending my iPad is a shofar, not to mention the art is beautiful and the music is so cute. [“Wake Up World”] is perfect. Thanks so much for this gem.”

i-q59ZpgF-X3“We conclude each Sunday School day gathering the whole school to watch G‑ on a big screen. The parents are coming a little early to watch as well…Torah for the 21st Century!”

DSC_0004“My son just introduced me to your work…He was so excited and told me his whole class loves the site. Thank you for sharing the love of Judaism with my son.”

tween“I am 14 years old and every Monday I have a parsha test in my class and I love listening to your site. So we introduced you to our rabbi and he likes you guys too, so every Monday we listen.”

Trusted By Parents Loved By Children

  • Free high-quality streaming content
  • Playful holiday apps for preschoolers
  • Musical cartoons about the holidays

Used by Educators and Teens

  • Curricular resources to learn text through media
  • The Torah, told in 54+ animated video shorts
  • Explaining Judaism with Jewish 101 content

Enjoyed by Adults

  • Youtube library filled with 200+ videos
  • Authors and artists explaining Judaism in inspiring new ways

Did you know that G-dcast has changed our name to BimBam?

You’ll find a more beautiful experience – plus lots of great new content for families – over at Please re-set your bookmarks…and keep watching!

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